Why Choose Us

Freight Mail direct provides the ultimate ecommerce marketing solution
for those who wish to advertise their product to the Freight Forwarding Community...

10 Years of Experience and long-term Networking is key

Freight Mail Direct(FMD) is a division of the parent company Logistics Support Services Co. Ltd.(LSS) who at the same time operates Freight Debt Recovery Services (FDRS). Freight Mail Direct provides digital marketing campaign services to the global freight forwarding and logistics community. By utilizing our in-house database that today comprises 500,000 email addresses, we reach 200,000 Freight Forwarders and 300,000 Logistics and transportation companies worldwide. Working with your company we craft a business introduction campaign with the accent on real content in order to optimize response.

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If you don't go forward, you go backward.

In business, there is the rule that 'to stand still is to go backwards', which, metaphorically speaking, is also true in marketing. At the launch of any marketing campaign, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to make sure you have a realistic understanding of your product, the marketplace, your value proposition and competitive positioning. You have the product - we have the customers and the tools, let us work together...

  • Customized effective Email marketing
  • Every Email campaign, or project comes down to Tactics, Tools, and Strategies. To begin with, you may need to do some homework, look around the web, get some thoughts, read a book or two, and read some blogs.
  • Or... you use all our Facilities and Service from Freight Mail Direct, we make your Campaign, Effective, Fast, Money and Time saving.
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Our Goal is to Satisfy our Clients

Here at Freight Mail Direct, we provide powerful Email marketing tools that empower our customers to grow their businesses. Our engineering team and design team is made up of innovators and builders who make this happen. We employ engineers to help us to develop features that serve our clients in the best possible way.

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